Successful finish of our first CryoEM school

On the 12th and 13th of December we held our first CryoEM school in Brussels. The aim was to give the basic knowledge of what CryoEM is and what it can do for you. We had theoretical lectures ranging from “What is EM?” to “Basics of data processing and image formation”. And it was accompanied by practical Demonstrations of Instrumentation and processing software and some case studies showing real life struggle and success.

These 35 attendees from around Belgium are now equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge to use CryoEM successfully in their projects

Welcome Adam as new microscopist at BECM

Please welcome Adam Schroefel as our newest addition to the facility. As an expert microscopist he will support the users in data collection and microscope maintenance. With his extensive background in Cryo Tomography he will also involved in the further setup of a tomography workflow on our CryoARM.

First benchmarking

Finally it runs. Now with SerialEM we can collect up to 90 images per hour with 40 frames per image on K2 in counting mode. Many thanks to Jaap Brink and David Mastronade for their help with setting up and troubleshooting SerialEM. The microscope is very stable and the benchmarking is under way. The first data have been collected from GroEL .

EM images taken with GroEL sample leads to a reconstruction reaching 2.8 A resolution.
With 1.2 Å/pix the average resolution of reconstruction is 2.8 Å with  local resolution down to 2.7 Å. 
The obtained electron density is in agreement with the stated resolution.